Discover the variety of women's sandals

Sandali donna tendenze stile modelli

Discover the variety of women's sandals

Women's sandals are a type of open-toe footwear that is suitable for any occasion and can come in different variations of design and style.
They are popular during the summer season and come in a wide range of designs, colors and materials to suit different tastes and occasions.

Taking a quick overview, among the various models we can find the flip-flop style and the slides with their minimal and informal design, but let's not forget the evergreen with the ankle strap for greater support and stability during any walk.

Subsequently we can name the rafts , usually with a rise or plateau of several centimeters to enhance the female silhouette.
All women are well aware of the comfort of the wedge .

The most purchased sandals

Among the most purchased sandals we find gladiators and sandals with heels :

The former are inspired by the footwear worn by the gladiators of ancient Rome ( click here if you want to learn more about this historical reference ) and have numerous straps or laces that can reach the ankle or the leg, giving a bold and unique touch to any outfit;

The latter are distinguished by the high heel , which can vary from a stiletto to a block heel,
perfect for any woman and are often worn for formal occasions ,
in fact we can often find them with elegant details such as rhinestones or pearls.

blue women's sandal in faux leather with heel and thin strap

Fashion trends 2023

Sandals trends vary from year to year, but we can share with you some trends that are making their way into 2023.
Here are some of our possible trends for the purchase of fashionable sandals:

Sandals with thin straps that gently wrap around the super minimal foot offer an elegant and sophisticated look.

Block heel sandals are a comfortable and trendy choice.
These sandals offer stability and support while adding a touch of height. They can be found in different heights and materials.

Details in woven leather are a design element that gives a handcrafted touch to the sandals.
Woven detailing can be featured on the straps or vamp of sandals, adding texture and visual interest.

Sandals with transparent details such as straps or transparent plastic uppers have been a trend in recent years.
These sandals offer a modern and playful look, adding a touch of transparency to the look.

These are just a few examples of possible sandals trends .

spring summer fashion women sandals

How to choose the most suitable?

But how do we choose the right one?
Sandal purchase depends on personal style, desired comfort, and the occasion in which they will be worn.
When choosing a sandal for women, there are several factors to consider in order to find the one that best suits your personal needs.

We can give you some suggestions:

Comfort is key when choosing a sandal.

Make sure the footwear offers adequate arch support and that the sole is cushioned to reduce impact when walking.
Try on the sandals and walk around a bit to make sure they fit well and don't cause pain or discomfort.

Consider the occasion for which you want to wear sandals.
If you're looking for everyday wear or a casual look, you might opt ​​for a simpler style like flip-flops or thin-strap sandals.
If, on the other hand, you need a sandal for a formal or elegant occasion, you may prefer a sandal with a heel or with more refined details.

Choose a model that reflects your personal style and that fits your wardrobe and don't choose just exclusively for the sandal trend.
Consider your taste in colors, prints and materials, and opt for a model that integrates with your style of clothing .

Pay attention to a sandal that fits your foot well.
Make sure the sizing is correct and that the model offers adjusters or adjustable straps to fit the width of your foot.
Ankle strap sandals can offer more stability and adaptability.

Remember that fashion is subjective and it's about expressing your personal style, so don't hesitate to experiment and wear what feels good to you.

Now go browse our collections and make a purchase of the sandal that best represents you.


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