Complete guide to women's sandals: Styles, care and maintenance

sandali diversi donna guida acquisto

All you need to know about women's sandals: Guide to buying, styles, care and maintenance

Introduction: The importance of choosing the right sandal

The sandal is that must have item in every women's closet. Tell the truth…you can't wait for summer just to wear it.
How to blame you, they are light and keep your feet cool even on very hot days, and not to mention the variety of styles,
colors and materials, offering many options to suit different tastes and occasions.
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Overview of the history of sandals, from ancient times to today

They date back thousands of years when they were first worn by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.
In those times, they were mostly made from natural materials such as leather and woven fabrics.
They served as an early form of footwear, protecting the feet while allowing good ventilation.
Nevertheless they were also a distinctive element of the fashion and social system of those times, reflecting the status and social position of the wearer.

Focus on some historical styles: Egyptian, Greek and Roman sandals

By focusing on ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans we can see how sandalwood started to develop.

Ancient Egypt: Already in ancient Egypt, about 4,000 years ago, there were rudimentary footwear made of woven straw or leather.
They were worn by people of all social classes.

Ancient Greece: The Greeks wore the "cothurnus" or "sandalia".
They were made of leather, wood, or woven plant fibers and often had straps that wrapped around the foot and secured it to the sandal.

Ancient Rome: The Romans adopted them from the Greeks, but they also developed the "calceus", a type of closed shoe.
Roman ones, called "soleae" or "caligae," were made of leather and had thick soles and straps that wrapped around the foot and ankle.

The variety: understanding the different styles

General description of the different styles

Over time, they have become more elegant and sophisticated, complemented by decorative details such as buckles, rhinestones or laces.

Today they represent an essential element of the wardrobe, offering comfort and fashion. There are numerous styles of women's sandals , each with its own distinctive features and functionality

Here are some of the most popular models.

Focus on flip flops

Flip Flops: These feature a single strap that goes between the thumb and forefinger, holding the foot in place.
This trend is simple and essential , perfect for a day at the beach or for a casual look.

Focus on the wedge model

Wedges : These feature a sole with a wedge heel that extends from the ball of the foot to the heel.
They offer height and support , combining comfort and distinction.

Focus on gladiators

Gladiator : inspired by ancient Rome, they feature a design with numerous straps that wrap around the foot.
They can go all the way down to the ankle or even the calf, creating a bold and trendy image.

Focus on luxury sandals

Ideal for more formal occasions, made by expert craftsmen who pay close attention to detail.
The high quality craftsmanship is reflected in the care of the seams, in the precision of the finishes and in the attention to detail. They are often made by hand, ensuring a higher level of quality.

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elegant women's sandals with heel and blue glitter

Special needs

For flat feet: what to look for

Each of us is particular with personal needs. According to “The Etiology of Developmental Flatfoot” 5% of the population has flat feet .

This can represent a completely occasional condition in asymptomatic patients, or determine, if not treated appropriately, a significant functional limitation. For flat feet, it is important to seek adequate arch support and stability to compensate for the lack of natural arch.

Here are some tips suitable for flat feet:

With cushioned sole: Choose them with a cushioned sole that can absorb shock and reduce the impact when walking.

A soft and flexible sole also helps to better adapt to the shape of the foot.

Adjustable Straps: So you can tailor the fit to your needs.
This will allow you to have a safer and more stable shoe.

With closed heel: They offer greater support and stability to flat feet .
They also reduce the risk of slipping or overexertion.

With wide toe : Allow the feet to spread out naturally and move freely without restriction.
This is especially important for flat feet, which may be wider in the front.

difference between flat foot and normal foot queen helena women's sandals

For long-lasting comfort

Remember that each foot is unique , so it is advisable to try different models to find the ones that best suit your specific needs.

In addition, it is always advisable to consult a podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon for a personalized assessment and recommendations. Another basic need that women want when buying a sandal is long-lasting comfort.

There are several reasons why women choose comfort, including the desire to wear them for long days or on occasions when a lot of walking is expected. A comfortable sandal reduces foot fatigue and ensures a feeling of well-being even after many hours of use.
Another reason is versatility , because they can be worn in many different situations and occasions. Whether it's a walk in the city , a trip out of town or a casual evening, a comfortable sandal offers the freedom to move easily and without discomfort.

In the same way, the health and well-being of the feet is at stake: a very comfortable sandal can contribute to the well-being of the feet. Proper arch support, a cushioned sole, and a comfortable fit can help prevent or relieve problems like heel pain or foot fatigue.

Matching sandals: which style to adopt?

Tips on how to combine them for the summer

Summer is women's favorite season to show off summer outfits.

Here are some tips on how to style sandals during the warmer months :

Daytime casual: You can pair them with a pair of denim or cotton shorts and a light T-shirt or blouse. Complete with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses for a summery touch.

Summer dress: If you want a more feminine and refined image, wear a light summer dress. Choose a dress with fresh fabrics and floral prints or bright colors for a summery touch. Add some accessories like a shoulder bag and some minimal jewelry to finalize the outfit.

For the beach: For a day at the beach or by the pool, wear a swimsuit and choose them that are comfortable and water resistant. Opt for flip flops or sporty models that allow you to move easily on the sand. Complete the picture with a hat, a sarong and a large beach bag.

Evening event: For an evening occasion or a more formal event, you can combine them with a long dress or a long skirt. Choose them with elegant details such as thin straps, precious stones or gold-tone metals for a touch of sophistication. Complete the outfit with a clutch bag and matching accessories.

Boho-chic: If you love bohemian fashion, you can combine them with wide trousers or a long boho-style skirt . Add a light flowing top and complete with some boho accessories like bracelets, long earrings or a wide-brimmed hat .

Remember to match the colors and style of the peep toe shoes to your overall outfit, creating a harmonious and cohesive look.

Advice on how to combine sandals for formal occasions

When it comes to creating outfits for formal occasions , it's important to strike a balance between the elegance of the footwear and the dress code of the event.

These are our tips and tricks for a formal but fresh look:

Choose elegant details: Opt for thin straps, precious stones , pearls or metal applications.
Avoid models that are too casual or sporty.

Neutral or metallic color : Choose them in neutral colors such as black, beige or gray .
If you prefer a touch of glamor, you can opt for those with metallic finishes such as gold or silver.

Long Dress Match: If you're wearing a long dress, make sure the footwear is only slightly visible when you walk.
Select those with a thin high heel to slim the figure.

Matching with short dress or pantsuit : If you wear a short dress or pantsuit, you can prefer high heels or stiletto heels to add a touch of femininity and elegance.
Make sure the length of the dress or pants is in proportion to the length of the shoe.

Matching accessories: Opt for a bag or clutch that matches the color or material of the shoe. You can also wear understated jewelry like minimal earrings.

Summer matching outfit women's sandals

Ideas on how to combine sandals in winter

Well yes, summer is preferred to wear them... but do we want to talk about how to combine this shoe even in winter?
No, it is not a joke.

It may seem like a challenge but this shoe can also be worn in winter and we'll give you some ideas on how to combine them right away:

With socks or tights: Wear your favorite pair of women's sandals with thick socks or tights to keep your feet warm.
Opt for opaque tights in plain colors or with patterns for a touch of class.
You can select black tights for a chic outfit or experiment with colors and prints for added boldness.

Boho trend with jeans and sweater: Create a match with a pair of skinny or flared jeans and an oversized sweater.

Casual and comfortable, yet trendy and suitable for winter.

Formal style with a midi dress or skirt : Wear them with a midi dress or skirt for a formal yet stylish outfit.
Make sure the length of the dress or skirt covers part of your legs to balance out the open shoe.
You can finish the look with a stylish jacket or coat.

Pairing with Dress Pants: If you are going for a more formal look, pairing them with dress pants is a great option.
Opt for tailored or cigarette-cut trousers in fabrics such as wool or velvet. Complete the outfit with a shirt or blouse and a blazer for a sophisticated image.

Taking care of your feet: tips for wearing sandals

Foot care tips when wearing open toe shoes

Wearing a sandal means putting your foot in visibility as well.
Especially days before wearing it, a nice pedicure is used.

We also want to give you some tips to take care of your feet:

Rotate your shoes: Avoid wearing the same shoes every day.
Alternate between several pairs to allow your feet to rest and reduce the risk of chafing or irritation.

Hygiene maintenance: Avoid sharing your open shoes with other people to prevent infection by fungus or bacteria.
Also, be sure to wear clean socks or use antibacterial foot products if needed.

Daily Hydration: Apply a foot moisturizer every day to keep your skin soft and hydrated.
Focus especially on the heel and ball of the foot, which tend to be drier.

Sunscreen: When wearing open-toed shoes that leave your feet exposed to the sun, remember to apply a specific sunscreen for your feet to protect them from UV rays.
Remember to apply on your fingers as well.

In addition to the aesthetic factor, as we have already talked about, comfort is very important.

Tips for comfort when wearing sandals

How to ensure comfort?

First choose the right size : Make sure you select the correct size for your feet. Shoes that are too tight or too loose can cause discomfort and chafing.
Try different models to find the ones that best fit the shape of your feet.

Look for them with a cushioned sole to absorb shock when walking and reduce the stress on your feet.
A cushioned sole provides added comfort , especially when walking on hard or bumpy surfaces.
Choose ones made from breathable materials, such as high-quality leather or lightweight fabrics.
Breathable materials help prevent the build-up of sweat and moisture, reducing the risk of irritation or infection.

Another precaution you can take is to prefer footwear with customizable adjustments such as adjustable straps or hook-and-loop closures . This will allow you to tailor the shoes to the shape and needs of your feet, providing greater comfort and a personalized fit.

pedicure woman foot care women's sandals

The maintenance

Tips for cleaning and maintaining sandals

When our favorite shoes get ruined or it's time to change them, we are always very sorry, we were so happy with them… and they were so comfortable and elegant.

Let's try to give it some attention in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Have you ever washed your footwear regularly? Clean them regularly to remove dirt but proceed with a soft brush or a damp cloth for the surface use a specific cleaner for the material of the shoes.

Avoid the use of aggressive products or bleaches and avoid exposing them to direct heat sources such as radiators, they could damage the material. Store them in a cool dry place away from sunlight, you can put them in a bag or box to protect them from dust and scratches.

Tips on how to make sandals last longer

Another wish that everyone would like is for their shoe to last forever, but as with all things... it's not possible, but at least we can extend the period of use and not throw them in the bucket a few months later.

Here are some tips:

Repair any damage promptly: If you notice any damage such as loose seams or parts that are unglued, try to repair them promptly.
Contact a trusted shoemaker for the necessary repairs, as quick intervention can avoid further damage.

Avoid use in extreme conditions: Avoid wearing delicate footwear in extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow.
These conditions can damage the materials and shorten their life.

Protective treatments: Apply specific protective treatments for materials, such as leather or fabric waterproofing sprays .
These treatments can help protect against stains, moisture, and wear and tear.

Different styles and models: choose what's right for you!

Find the sandal that best suits your style

Regardless of your personal taste, given the great variety, you can surely find a pair of open shoes that suit your style and above all your needs. Remember to take care of your feet and more! Also pay attention to how you extend the life of your shoes .
There is a sandal for every outfit and if you run out of ideas, come back to this article to read our advice!

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