Matching sandals and dresses: The handbook for the modern woman

Abbinare sandali e abiti: Il manuale per la donna moderna

When it comes to creating a flawless look , pairing sandals with the right clothes is key. Women's sandals offer a wide range of models that suit every occasion.

In this guide, we will provide you with valuable advice on how to combine sandals and dresses, taking into account the latest sandals and fashion trends.

Advice on how to combine sandals and dresses

  1. Elegant with heeled sandals: If you're looking for a sophisticated look for a special evening, opt for high-heeled sandals. Pair them with an elegant evening dress for a refined and seductive look.

  2. Casual chic with strappy sandals: Strappy sandals are perfect for a casual yet trendy look. Wear them with a flowy dress or with a pair of skinny jeans for a relaxed yet stylish summer outfit.

  3. Boho with Gladiator Sandals: Gladiator sandals are a versatile option for creating a boho chic look. Pair them with a maxi dress or pleated skirt for a trendy and relaxed summer look.

  4. Summer freshness with flip-flop sandals : Flip-flops are ideal for a fresh and informal look. Wear them with light clothing, such as a flowy dress or summer jumpsuit, for an effortless summer look.


Women's sandal trends are constantly evolving, but some features are always popular.

Here are some current trends:

  1. Animal Details: Animal print or details like snake-patterned straps or crocodile leather add a touch of boldness and glamor to sandals.

  2. Bright colors: Sandals in bright colors like lemon yellow, fiery red or emerald green are a bold choice for women who want to stand out.

  3. Stylish Minimalism: Sandals with clean, minimalist lines are a chic option for a modern, sophisticated look.


Matching sandals and dresses is an art that can completely transform your look.

Experiment with different combinations to find the style that best expresses your personality and following current trends.

Remember to take care of the health of your feet , with the correct maintenance and cleaning of your sandals, to ensure that your look is always impeccable.

Discover flip flops , explore women's sandal trends and create stylish combinations that will make you feel confident and stylish at any occasion.

how to combine sandals and dresses


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